Life in Motion International is excited to announce expansion of our international programs with a new project - “The Children Left Behind- China."

A generation of children have been deserted by their parents through death, disabilities, or parents who have left in hopes to find prosperity elsewhere.

Natasha Shaginian-Needham, Nancy and Anni Reffsin traveled to Nanjing, China in May 2018 to evaluate the children to better understand their needs. According to the Chinese authorities there are 60 million children who are considered “left behind.” Most of the children in Nanjing live with local families or elderly grandparents. The quality of life in the region is severely affected by poverty. The children have not seen their parents in years and there is very little optimism about the parents returning.


Without a supportive social environment, these children are unlikely to succeed in the future. Our mission is to provide an environment that helps children avoid depression, low self esteem, child trafficking, sexual abuse, criminal activities, and suicide.

The goal of the Children Left Behind program is to provide financial and social support for these orphans. 


Our work has just begun. Life in Motion volunteers will visit regularly, every few weeks, offering encouragement and organizing cultural events. Life in Motion has plans for building a library with an internet connection. We hope to provide a sanctuary where the children and their caretakers are able to come together to rise above their social and economic struggles.