We did it!!! We hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro to support children with disabilities! See the wonderful photos by Steve Remich and keep supporting us! Donate to help children achieve a dream of walking!

Memories from the hike:

UPDATE: July 23, 2014:

They did it! The team conquered Kilimanjaro! The boys climbed Africa's tallest mountain on their prostheses! Their courage is inspiring and they did it to raise awareness towards children in need! Support them!

From Dan Needham:

A few days ago I accomplished my goal – I reached the top of Kilimanjaro Mountain, which has been the most difficult experience in my life! WHY did I do it? WHY did I voluntarily choose to struggle?  Please, read my story and see life changing scenes from this special hike – http://vimeo.com/100128553

Help me to reach the most important goal of this mission Life in Motion Kilimanjaro – raise funds for children in need  so their dreams to WALK and BREATH can come true.

 “After three days of intensive hike we arrived at the third camp Kibo, 4,700 meters in altitude, the last one before the summit.  We had trouble with breathing, some nausea and headaches to varying degrees.

We eat and are in out sleeping bags by 8p.m. We woke up and were lined up in the dark, single file outside by 2:00 a.m.  All we had visible to us is what we could see in the beam of light coming from our head band lights. I prayed that the batteries are good enough to get me to 6:30, sunrise. I am grateful for not being able to see how awful the trail we walked really was. 

Sasha and Dan

Sasha and Dan

 There are 8 of us going to the top, including two boys on prosthetics legs and my 14 y.o. daughter Tanya. The thin air was hovering around freezing, but mercifully very dry. Our progress was slow, barely being able to take a few steps without stopping to catch our breath.

 Sunrise came halfway up the steep slope and it was spectacular.  The thin air caused all of us to want to sleep immediately every time we stop. The guides kept us awake and moving as they know if we stop for more than a minute, we will be in trouble. I took a glove off and was shocked to see my fingernails where dark blue, as if they had been smashed by a hammer. Hypoxia was insidiously taking over. That moment, I reflected on the difficulty breathing I was having and how it must be to struggle with it on a daily basis for those with Cystic Fibrosis.

My vision was narrowed, but still able to see my daughter became ill several times during the last 3 hours.  She did not want to go back down. She pushed through it and persevered because she knew that she was walking up this mountain for a very important reason - helping children in need.

At 12:30, we finally reached our goal -the summit- Gilman's Point! The view was now looking down into the crater of Kilimanjaro, past a glacier, as well as across the stunning ancient lava flow strewn with pyroclastic boulders we had just navigated through. It was a few moments of sheer amazement and the feeling of accomplishment. We had done it. More importantly, both Sasha’s had done it too – for others, for those who need our help.

I continue to be amazed at the inner strength and determination of Sasha D’Jamoos, who did not complain about the cuts and bruises on his hands, when he had to climb on them without prosthetics, he did not complain about the ever present rocks, dust and ash that got in his eyes. His accomplishments here prove that people with disabilities are just as capable as anyone else if given the chance. I am so proud of him. I know he did this to help others in need, though he has no legs.

If you haven't done so already, please support Life in Motion Kilimanjaro 2014 by making a donation.  A huge thank you to those who have already helped to raise funds for two great charities; Life in Motion and the Cystic Fibrosis. Gilman's Point is 5,681 meters above sea level. This equals 12,000 vertical steps. Please, walk with me to the top - DONATE now - one dollar per step!  We count on your steps to reach the goal!

Your support is very important and appreciated, it will help children to Breathe and to Walk, two things that so many of us just take for granted.  

Thank you!


From Tanya Needham: 

I reached the peak of Kilimanjaro in June through the project Life In Motion-Kilimanjaro 2014. I climbed for the kids who need prosthetics and have a dream to walk. During this hike, I was with two boys with no legs who encouraged and inspired me to reach the top as they climbed to the peak as well! These children need our help and your donations towards them will be appreciated. Thanks to all of you who supported this mission as we hiked to the top of Africa.

From Sasha D'Jamoos: 

"After 4 and a half days of hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, we reached Gilman's Point, at an altitude of 18,651 ft!!! I started hiking the mountain without my prosthetic legs on, simply crawling on the ground. For hours in the dark rainy forest, I was bitten by ants and bloodied my fists trying to get to the first camp. The following days, I hiked with and without my prosthetic legs. At times, I felt that I could go no further, that I would never see the top of that giant mountain. I spent those long hours in the dusty terrains of Kilimanjaro thinking about my childhood as an orphan in Russia - someone for whom the world was too small and inaccessible. Reaching the top of Kilimanjaro undoubtedly altered my idea of what impossibilities are, and how we perceive them. The purpose of "Life in Motion - Kilimanjaro" is to connect this idea to people with various physical challenges - to those for whom the world seems too small, as it once did for me. Your generous support has affected and will affect the lives of those in need - those whom the participating non-profit organizations help. Together we can achieve the impossible, as we did, when we conquered Kilimanjaro! Your attention and help matter! Step Up Together!"

From Sasha Pohilko:
"YES! I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro! I got to the Uhuru Peak! I did not know what to expect on the way. It was extremely difficult, I took off my prostheses. We left very late at night and we couldnt see anything. It took me 5 hours to crawl up to the first peak Gilman's! The sand kept slipping under me and pulling down. But I did not give up and I even managed to cheer up the other team members and support them. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro - is an indescribable feeling of 
victory over the height, victory over myself, victory over the pain!"

Help Children to Walk and Breath!

From the 21st to the 28th of June 2014, two young men on prostheses will be leading a team of climbers on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain. For the second time, they will attempt to reach the top (19,341 ft) in order to increase awareness about orphans with missing limbs and children with Cystic Fibrosis. This hike will benefit the "I Want to Walk" program of Life in Motion International Center and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

How to get involved?

You can donate to support this wonderful adventure.


We will attempt to climb 5,895 meters to reach the Uhuru peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is approximately 12,000 steps! Every step supports a great cause! Help us to reach our goal and walk with us to the top!

Sasha D'Jamoos shares why he is hiking for "Life in Motion - Kilimanjaro"

1 step --> $12

5 steps --> $25

50 steps --> $50

100 steps --> $100

500 steps --> $500

1000 steps --> $1000

More steps --> more $




Our goal is to increase awareness about the idea of charity, while “carrying” it to the peak of the mountain and raise funds for particular causes. The boys on prostheses will again show that the impossible can be made possible! In 2012, they climbed Kilimanjaro for the first time and showed that their abilities are limitless. - http://vimeo.com/45361237

The project “Life in Motion,” founded by the Life in Motion International Center, unites Russian and American non-profit organizations in this unique mission. The funds raised in the U.S. will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the "I Want to Walk" program of the Life in Motion International Center. The funds raised in Russia will support the organizations “Line of Life”, “Children of BELA” and the “Artist Foundation."Thank You!