Life in Motion - Russia (2011)

In 2011, Life in Motion International Center and the "Artist" Foundation produced “Life in Motion - Russia”, a unique photo exhibit, which was shown in the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum and International Center of Photography in New York.  

The objective of the photo exhibit is to draw the public’s attention to these children, whose opportunities are very limited. Our whole life is motion, however this word has a different meaning for every person. To some, motion – is a spiritual or professional development; to others – motion means traveling, but to some people – motion is a dream of simply being able to walk freely. The photos were taken by five students from ICP, who were lead by renowned photographer Ed Kashi, together with five students from Moscow’s Rodchenko School. In order to truly bond and understand these children, the students were brought to different orphanages and rehabilitation centers in Russia, where they spent a lot of time with these children, watching them play and interacting with them. The photographs, which depict these children in their daily motion – show the immense scope of unlimited capabilities that these children have.

Ed Kashi * 

* Ed Kashi's photos are not for sale online; they are donated from Ed's private collection.

Tatyana Ilina

Sofya Tatarinova

Nikita Shokhov

Nastya Golovenchenko

Nancy Borowick

Mae Ryan

Giacome Perasti

Brian Driscoll

Anastacia Rudenko

Eric Michael Johnson