In 2011, Happy Families International and the “Artist" Foundation created “Life in Motion”, a unique multimedia project created to raise awareness towards disabled children, who are unable to live a fulfilled life due to their physical limitations. This unique photo project was organized as part of a greater program called “I Want to Walk”, which was created to help orphaned children obtain their dream of walking. For some children this meant physically being able to walk, while for others “walking” also meant being able to leave the orphanage and achieve their goals.

This year, we launched a new project, Life in Motion - Everest!

16-year-old Nikolay, 16-year-old Tanya, 17-year-old Zhenya and our group of supporters will hike Mount Everest!! All three teenagers were born with a physical disability and grew up in an orphanage. Their brave hike is meant to inspire everyone, as well as to raise funds for orthopedic treatment for orphans in Russia. The group will hike to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world - to an altitude of 5150 meters (16,896 ft). We encourage you to support the group's efforts to raise awareness for orphans everywhere and help those in need of orthopedic treatment! Together we can perfectly demonstrate that, regardless of physical limitations, anyone can achieve the impossible!! 

In 2015, we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the third time! Between July  30 - August 8, a group of hikers, including 3 young men with physical disabilities, conquered Africa's highest mountain! The hike was again led by Alexander Pokhilko! We raised more than $6000. The funds will benefit children with special needs and fulfill their dream of WALKING! Support our cause! You can help our mission by following this link

Video by Steve Remich

In June 2014, for the second time, Life in Motion International organized a charity hike to Africa's tallest mountain - Kilimanjaro! We collaborated with several Russian nonprofit organizations in order to raise money for disabled children, and bring the very very idea of charity to the top of Kilimanjaro! Three young men with disabilities, and several representatives of the participating nonprofits hiked for 5 days and, almost all, made it to the top! 

In June 2012, Life in Motion organized our first hike to Kilimanjaro! The hike was very successful and raised awareness and funds for children in need.  

Photographs from Life in Motion - Russia

Documentary Film On His Own Two Feet