Alexander "Sasha" Pokhilko 

Sasha Pohilko, a 23 year-old artist, has returned to Moscow in the summer of 2010. After being in Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, he got not two, but three prostheses! He drew a sketch of an idea that he had for one of his prosthetics for the doctors and asked them to make it. The doctors agreed and made his as well as their version of prosthesis. It would allow him to become even more mobile. Sasha also drew wonderful portraits of the doctors, nurses and other employees of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. He surprised everyone so much with his talent (drawing without having any hands) that Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children organized an exhibition for his drawings. Now Sasha is going to one of the best art schools in Moscow, working with the “Artist Foundation” and having art classes with little kids in the orphanages.