Sveta , a six year old girl with one missing leg, just arrived at the Dallas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children for possible surgery and a new prosthetic. She has already undergone several surgeries in the past in Moscow. Due to abnormal bone growth in the remaining part of her amputated leg, the prosthetic did not fit well.

The prosthetic she currently has is very heavy and uncomfortable. Once in Russia, Svetlana’s prosthetic leg was stuck in a doorway and since it did not fit well, it came off. The man who happened to be there nearly fainted thinking that he somehow was involved. Luckily, the man was saved and Svetlana is now here to get a good quality prosthetic in order to walk well.

Update June 2011
Svetlana returned to Moscow in May 2011 on her new prosthetic. She is WALKING, running and enjoying her freedom of motion!

Update April 2013
Svetlana needs a new prosthetic. She has been growing a lot during the last two years and her prosthetic became too small. It is hard for Svetlana to walk now. We hope to bring her back soon to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for children and give her a chance to walk with joy again.

Update May 2013
Svetlana came to the Texas Scottish rite hospital for Children to get her new prosthetic. She was very happy to meet with her favorite doctors. Dr. Herring examined Svetlana on May 15th and confirmed that she does not need a surgery in order to get a prosthetic. Soon she will be walking on her new prosthetic!

Update June 2013
Svetlana is walking now on her new prosthetic! She left the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children on June 17th. She is going back to Moscow with her foster mother. Svetlana is very happy. She thanks everyone, who helped her to walk again with joy.